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Social Responsibility

Basic Ideological Policy

    Keli Group respects the culture and customs of the regions where the holding companies, divisions are located, and proposes a social responsibility policy of "Fulfilling social responsibility and creating social value". We have carried out a series of social contribution activities: devoted to education, flood relief, fully supporting the fight against Coronavirus disaster, helping poor families get rid of poverty activities, and sponsoring activities for local sports.

Committed to Education

Repay the society and remain true to our original aspiration! Group Honorary chairman-Mr.Baosheng Nie and Group chairman- Mr.Pengju Nie, founded the Keli Charity Foundation in 2015. They invested RMB2 million as the initial principal of the foundation and received donations of RMB489,000. The purpose of the foundation is to reward and subsidize excellent students, excellent teachers, poor students, poor families and rural infrastructure construction every year.

Support flood relief and fight against coronavirus disaster

    1. In June 2017, due to the continuous heavy rain in the Xiangjiang River upstream, the water level was rising day by day. Qiyang County suffered from severe flood disaster with 319,900 people affected. Keli Chairman Mr.Pengju Nie actively donated RMB200,000 and also widely appealed to all sectors of society to offer love to the reconstruction of people in disaster area in the hometown.

    2. On February 28th, 2020,Keli group is actively responding to the government's deployment of the epidemic prevention and control work, effectively fulfilling the social responsibility of listed company, and fully supporting the fight against Coronavirus.The group donated RMB 1.0198 million in cash through the Hubei Charity Federation.

Helping Poor Families Get Rid of Poverty

    From the perspective of long-term development, the group carries out the social contribution of poverty alleviation activities for the problems discovered after communication with the local society. In the past three years, we donated RMB60,000 in 2017, RMB150,000 in 2018 and RMB100,000 in 2019 to help poor families get rid of poverty.

Sponsorship Activities for Local Sports

    On July 21st, 2018, the first "Healthy Hunan" National Games "Keli Cup" auditions in the Qiyang District was held in Baizhuhu Square. This competition is the largest number of participants in Qiyang County in recent years. At the event, more than 150 players from all over the county were divided into children and adults for a fierce competition. This competition was sponsored by Hunan Keli Motor Co., Ltd.

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