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Partner of world-renowned customers, Keli has established a solid long-term cooperative relationship with many top Fortune 500 Companies in the world.
We have exported to more than 30 countries and regions including the United States, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

Research and Development Capabilities
Regardless of your business modes, we always provide clients with optimal solutions at affordable prices
  • Excellent professional team and talent team
    Excellent professional team and talent team

    After more than ten years of production and manufacturing experience, the company has mastered the sealing, compensation, pressure sensing, energy storage and other technologies in the oil and gas field under high temperature, high pressure and low temperature corrosion-resistant environment. The company cooperates with many universities and scientific research organizations such as Tsinghua University, Beijing Aviation University, Nanchang aviation university, etc.

  • Advanced design concepts and design methods
    Advanced design concepts and design methods

    Introduce large-scale three-dimensional modeling software CATIA and UG, adopt computer-aided structural design systems such as SolidWorks and ANSYS, and efficiently use comprehensive professional technology to improve the design process from R & D to application development, so as to ensure to provide customers with maximum value products and services.

  • Solve the key needs of customers
    Solve the key needs of customers

    Guided by customers’ needs, the company constructs complete integrated solutions for customers, solves the actual guarantee needs faced by customers, and provides customers with excellent products and services. The company not only develops and launches new products to enrich our product line, but more importantly, provides customers with products that can better create value.

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